short and long-term storage available

If you require storage solutions for your furniture and belongings, Rockbrune Bros Movers provides temporary, indefinite, and long-term options.

These include warehousing, trailer storage, mini “self” storage units, container storage and outdoor storage. Not all options are available at all locations.

Unsure of what storage is best for you? Contact our relocation consultants for expert information on the best storage solution for your needs.

Our Facilities

Storage Solutions | Rockbrune Bros MoversRockbrune Bros Movers has three indoor storage facilities, including Ajax, Barrie, and Oshawa. All of our facilities are climate controlled and your belongings will be inventoried and padded wrapped while in our care.

In addition to our indoor storage facilities, Rockbrune Bros Movers has outdoor storage and “mini” self-storage units facilities as well as on-trailer storage and steel container storage.

All options are designed with the security and safety of your items in mind.

Trailer Storage

Need storage during your move? Our trailer storage solutions ensure less handling of your belongings. During the process your items are:

  • Loaded onto the trailer and pad wrapped at your current home.
  • Stored for a maximum of 60 days.
  • Delivered to your new home.
  • Moved into the desired are.
  • All disassembled items are reassembled, including beds.

Trailer storage ensures that your items are only handled twice, once when they are loaded and once when they are unloaded. This means that your items can be stored at our facilities mid-move, which reduces wear and tear on them.

Steel Storage Containers

Our 20” refurbished steel storage containers are available for fully pad wrapped, load and store options, also well as for to Do-It-Yourself moving and storage solutions. These storage solution units can be stored in:

  • Your driveway.
  • Our secured compound.

These storage solution units are ideal whether your belongings need storage for a few days while moving, a short term while you renovate or do work around the house or an extended period of time.

Contact us and we’ll figure out the best storage solution strategy for you and your valuables.