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Rockbrune Movers provides industry leading office moves in Ajax, Barrie, Oshawa and central Ontario. If you are the individual in charge of coordinating an upcoming office move the relationship that you establish with the Office Moving Consultant will be a key component of a successful and cost efficient office move.

Office Moving Consultant

Office Moving in Ajax, Barrie, Oshawa | Rockbrune Bros MoversOnce you have chosen the moving company for your office move, a meeting with your Office Moving Consultant should be conducted. During this meeting you can finalize any and all scheduling issues.

In the case of larger office moves, a blueprint of the current location and the prospective location is extremely useful for planning and expediting the moving process.

The Office Moving Consultant will also provide you with removable labels for contents including:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Filing cabinets
  • Computers
  • Tables
  • Etc.

These labels will help to facilitate identification and placement of office furniture and equipment during your office move.


Our Consultants will provide you with a written estimate. This estimate will be based off a visual survey of your office. The price will be determined by:

  • The size of your office. 
  • Crew members required. 
  • Number of trucks needed. 
  • Space planning required, and 
  • The distance of your move. 

Our Office Moving Consultant will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or clarify and estimate related charges. Send us a message.

Planning for Moving Day

There are many steps to take to ensure your office day is smooth and stress-free.

  • Arrangements should be made in advance with the property managers of both origin, and destination locations, for uninterrupted service (if applicable) and loading/unloading access. Proper access and elevator usage translates into cost savings during your office move.
  • An onsite project manager will be provided to assist in any packing of items such as files, computers, etc. a team will also be deployed to help with the disassembly and reassembly of large items such as desks, cubicles etc.
  • Our staff will ensure the premises of your new office, as well as your old office, are left clean, tidy and spotless.

Office Moving Tips

In advance of your office move, you should contact the firms that have service agreements with your company. You will have to notify them of the office move and also find out if these items can be moved by a professional moving company or if they require their own carriers to relocate the equipment. In the event that these items are allowed to be moved by a moving company, make certain that your servicing company prepares them for safe transit.